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Nov 12, 2012 5:30pm PST
a whole non-combustible town? mr. asano aims to take up the challenge. >>> people in northeastern china are dealing with heavy amounts of snow. we're told more in the world weather forecast. >> yes. northeastern china as well as southeastern russia and north korea are seeing heavy snow. we have a video from northeastern china. residents have been hit by heavy snow and sleet since saturday. more than 20 centimeters of snow have piled up in chow yen. drivers have run into serious traffic disturbances and widespread blackouts have effected the area. hundreds of green houses have collapsed under the weight of the snow. so yes, the residents are heavily being effected and travel disturbances continue to impact the area for the rest of today. let's pull back and show you here that the peak of the heav snow will be tapering off. however, the winter storm will be lingering across the similar regions for the next couple days. as for japan, we have a cold surge of air coming in. this winter pattern will be kicking in starting tomorrow and making things light across much of the eastern half of the
Nov 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
and snow showers will be found in northeastern china and north korea from tonight. temperatures are looking like this, 4 degrees cooler than yesterday in tokyo, 14 degrees expected, single-digits in beijing and minus 9 and low on thursday could be minus 20 degrees and meanwhile 15 in shanghai and 25 in hong kong. finally, let's go over to europe. not much changed since yesterday. a series of lows are dumping heavy rain and for the north. particularly wet in the southwestern corner of the u.k. and southern norway and winds of over 70 kilometers per hour likely in southern norway today and as this front swinging through the western continent will turn wet and windy and rain should be dissipating on your thursday and mean while severe weather is finally easing in the southern half of italy and the western tip of turkey and rain will continue on wednesday. that could trigger further flooding as well as landslides. here for the rest dry and we have fog alert issued for much of central europe. your temperatures on your wednesday, 5 degrees and 6 degrees in stockholm and warmer than average in lon
Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
a stagnant economy and hosted a trade fair last month in northeastern china. 100 north korean companies took part. >>> china's new leaders are settling in to their new jobs and starting to work through the challenges they face. the economy is their number one priority. growth has slowed. senior officials are promising a fix. some analysts say they should start by putting a stop to bad investments by local governments. nhk world a mad ahas the story. >> reporter: the city of ordos rises above the autonomous region. the bulk of the revenue earned in the city came from making cashmere, but the coal mines started operating and making a lot of money. in 2004 city officials began increasing the population of an area to 1 million. since then, they have spent nearly $800 million new condominiums and other buildings. now the area has a lot of high rise buildings including a theater and government offices. not many residents, only about 70,000 people live here. >> all over the city homes but no occupants. so few people to buy them, and in many other parts of china similar projects also fizzled. there
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
northeastern china, which is set to bring as well some problematic conditions into the next few days. i want to show you what it's been doing in china, first of all. this is coming out of china. we're looking at heavy snow and also some pretty strong winds. now, those winds are bringing temperatures down, also making for dangerous windchills, so it feels a lot colder than actually the figure on the thermometer because of the winds coming in. there is about 34 centimeters of snow accumulating in some areas, leading to road closures and suspension of buses. behind the strong winter storm is going to be high pressure. now, on one hand, that's good news because it means that the snow is going to be moving out and the skies will be clear. but it also allows for some very chilly air to hang around, and so things are not going to be getting much warmer. very, very chilly up here, but settling down. that is the forecast. as for japan, well, one storm moves out, and another one moves in. there is going to be some snow. it's not going to be quite like what we saw in northeastern china, and the upper e
Nov 21, 2012 6:00am PST
conditions and a separate storm system. you could see developing here in northeastern china. that's going to move towards the east. bringing some snow into hokkaido. actually sapporo near thursday going into friday expect some windy conditions, some heavy snowfall accumulating up from that storm system. a messy one overall to start off the week. temperatures will be cooling off in northeastern china. beijing a high of 7. minus 10 in ulan bator. on the flip side of that, the tropics to the 30s going through your thursday. now into europe, though, across the northwest. one storm system after another has been pushing through here. into the uk. you actually are starting to see some improving conditions. this system moving away. but look at this monster coming in off the coastline here. that whole front is going to push onshore some severe gales, very well could be accompanying this and also some heavy rainfall throughout your day, on your thursday. but the rest of europe, looking rather decent. high pressure dominating. keeping things on the dry side here. experiencing some fog. meanwhile, to
Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
into northeastern china. it's got to move through mongolia first. that can be bringing some cooler temperatures in, as well. there's already been some snow in northwestern china that's been causing quite a problem. take a look at this video showing you what happened when those roads became slick on sunday with heavy snow, causing at least 46 vehicles to become damaged in a multicar pileup in the beijing tibet expressway. unfortunately, one person did die in this accident. another five were injured. following the accident, three people were trapped in the wreckage. local firefighters and nearby motorists helped to free them after a three-hour ordeal. now, it's still very cold in the region, but thankfully that snow has started to taper off now. heading back to our bigger picture, we'll be seeing pretty clear conditions for the rest of china, but down towards the south we've got this rain band maybe bringing about 50 millimeters of rain in some places so, fairly significant. some showers for western indochina as well as for the philippines. temperatures down here are going to be pretty comfortable,
Nov 5, 2012 5:30pm PST
. still bring in snow showers in northeastern china and north korea. snow will be continuing throughout the day, but thundershowers in south korea will be tapering off by this afternoon. sunny skies will be coming back to the okinawa islands as well as taiwan. but rain in southwestern china will spread towards the east. going to be seeing the heaviest rain today. temperatures will be quite warmer than yesterday in beijing. 11 degrees expected. tokyo slightly cooler than seasonal with high of 17 degrees. rain will be clearing up by this evening. all right. moving into the americas then. a low pressure system is moving into british columbia once again. that's going to produce coastal rain and heavy mountain snow. expected to see as much as 30 centimeters of snowfall in the next 24 hours. even vancouver and seattle will turn wet from tomorrow. and then we have another system moving along the u.s./canada border spreading rain in the north dakota and south dakota. and snow showers in central canada. the system will continue to head towards the east and affect the western great lakes region o
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am PST
, china. rachel ferguson has more with weather. raich snell. >>> hi, there. we're following a snowstorm moving across the north. it's going to be moving across the beijing area and heading into northeastern china and also north korea. blizzarding conditions could be expected. it's wet snow, as well, and we're getting an icy blast from the north so, that will spell ice on the roads, too. so definitely travel could be very dangerous. we're looking to the south to see a separate rain event, and this is going to be moving up through eastern china and then coming up to south korea as well as japan. japan on saturday looking bright and clear across much of the country as one system exits out to the northeast. but there will be that rain coming in from the south from the evening hours. sunday is going to be quite unstable through much of the country with showers and scattered thunderstorms. we're also watching a system down here towards the east of the philippines for some development. we could see a tropical depression here by sunday. let's take a look at temperatures now. 18 degrees in tokyo
Nov 11, 2012 5:30pm PST
degrees higher than yesterday. across northeastern china and southeastern russia and parts of north korea, this is where we find a winter storm impacting the region with snow. additional snowfall could be as much as a10 centimeters. across the rest of china, things look nice but very cold. beijing had minus 3 degrees in your morning hours. things are tapering off in myanmar where the magnitude earthquake hit near mandalay region. it will be above the norm at 32 degrees. it will remain dry the next couple of days. tokyo, as i mentioned, 22. really nice. do enjoy that weather. it's going to get colder and colder into the mid week. in the american continent we have a system pretty potent moving across kwee breck, you have a freezing rain warning across the region and then this cold front is sagging down in towards texas. along it you find wetd and windy continues. some thunderstorms will be on the severe side, especially around the arklatex region with hail of a golf ball size and tornadic activity, which cannot be ruled out. across chicago where the nfl match-up takes place in and around th
Nov 28, 2012 6:00am PST
to be honest in these conditions. this is a system we're talking about. it's come across from northeastern china. again, gusts up to about 70 kilometers an hour accompanying the snow. you could see an additional 30 centimeters in the next 24 hours. you'll remember we were talking yesterday about residents in hokkaido. thousands of people left without power. so, fixing these problems is going to be even more difficult, with this second storm. now the rest of the country is also going to be seeing some showers. sort of spilling down from the north here, as well. but we have this low frontal system coming up from the south. so it is going to be another fairly wet day on thursday. now these showers here, across southern china, have been ongoing for the last several days. that's been cause of concern for flooding, it's unseasonably wet here. they are going to clear up a little bit by thursday. by thursday night another system is going to start to form and move into the same region. so it will be continued concerns as we head into the weekend for, as i mentioned, flooding. also land slides and m
Nov 6, 2012 7:00pm PST
could hit as high as 5 meters today. back behind snow showers continuing northeastern china as well as southeastern russia and an additional 10 centimeters likely. towards the south rain spreading over southern china and funan seeing the heaviest rain today. temperatures quite chilly. only 1 degree and actually a couple of degrees higher than seasonal. tokyo getting up to 20 degrees. we'll see the same figure into the next three days. finally, let's go over to europe then, a parade of low pressure systems has been dumping rain and strong winds across the northern parts of europe. we're seeing snow showers in the scandinavian peninsula and finland and northwestern russia because this cold front is swinging blue the black sea region and expecting to see the heaviest rain today. back behind us a new system formed south of the iberian peninsula spreading rain in much of portugal and southern france. this area is still dealing with the aftermath of flooding situation that occurred last weekend, so any slight amount of rain could worsen the situation. temperatures are in the single digits
Nov 9, 2012 7:00pm PST
heading into northeastern china and alsoor keaizrdg ndio clde exct. it w sw,s well, and we're getting an icy blast from thnoh , atilspl e t rdsto dineltrelou be very dangerous.'rlointoheou t sea pateaievt,ndiss ing to be m through eastern china and then congp sthor awe asap. japan onatdaloinbrhtd eaacssucoe country as one system exits out t nthst buthe lle atain comingn from the south from the evening hours. suays intoe it unable throu much of t country with showers and scted unrsrm we're alsoatching a stem down here towards the east of e develoent. we could see a tropical deesonerbyuny. les ke lk temperatures now. dre itoo surl but then they really fall away re, the temperatures from bein a4 grs min 10orheigh in ulan bator. downn the tropics, of course, a different story, 33 in both nh heading intoor ari, 'rwahi anot developing across the west. the heaviest of the snow is int u.s./canada border. cldeepwdsf centeters in some places, in fact. the at gngo accompanied by very strong, col wichl ct tta io consideration as well as blowing owdrti sw,liarndio he,s llcy roads. you could st
Nov 27, 2012 7:00pm PST
this system moves into the country again bringing winter storms. now it is affecting northeastern china with heavy snow and down towards north korea also mixed precipitation and towards south korea in seoul much of that precipitation will be rain. you can see that pulling in towards japan again. especially northern japan another round of heavy snow. here a different story. moisture already surging here. thunderstorms will be very active in taiwan as well as southeastern china and up to 100 millimeters of rainfall can probably be found in the next 24 hours. out towards the islands you can see this pink dot moving over the pacific. this is the tropical storm that we have been tracking which is moving at a very slow snail's pace towards palau and it will intensify over warm water and looks like it will be a tropical storm in the next 48 hours. already affecting the arch pa lego with stormy conditions and high waves and heavy rain due to the slow pace will be the key elements from that. 30s in the tropics, hence the development of that storm system. tokyo looking at 11 for the high. and tak
Nov 13, 2012 7:30am EST
the conditions that people have been dealing with in northeastern china. this is a snowstorm moving through hailong jiang province. it doesn't just the snow. the temperatures dropped below freezing and were accompanied by gusty winds. so that made for dangerous windchill as well. the strong winds were accompanied by about 34 centimeters of snow in some places, and that led to road closures and the suspension of buses in the main city. behind the strong winter storm, high pressure is building in. so we're going to see things clearing now the the sky. but it is going to mean that things will stay very cold with that high pressure in place. let's take look ot our maps. this storm is heading across to japan. rather than heavy snow, we'll be seeing rain here. it could amount to as much as 100 millimeters or so along the western coast and the north. the upper elevations will be seeing some snow and we're also going to be dealing with some dropping temperatures. so watching those temperatures come down by a few degrees. the good news for us here in tokyo is we look like we're going to be escaping
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am PST
much of japan. however, this is the ominous system just lurking up towards northeastern china. this one is going to be come across by wednesday night, bringing another round of snow. rain will be mixed in with it as well as we get those warmer winds coming up from the south. certainly another snow event up towards the north. now, talking about warmer winds down to the south, we've been seeing another rain event here in southern china. it's unseasonably wet here. in fact, the last several days we've seen ongoing heavy rain here, parts of guangzhou province picking up some rain, unfortunately likely to see another 50 millimeters in some places. flooding and mud slides and landslides will continue to be a concern heading into the middle of the week. minus 19 the high in ulan bator. really starting to see those figures drop quite rapidly now. 5 degrees in beijing and 11 degrees expected in tokyo on wednesday. same goes for you in chongqing. but we're still seeing a fairly warm day in taipei at 25 and 34 in manila. all right. we head now to talk about europe. now, it has been wet and wild ac
Nov 11, 2012 4:45pm EST
and in northeastern china, who worked clandestinely and at great risk to their own lives, trying to open up a channel for north korean refugees to escape. north korea as you know it's probably the most repressive regime in the world at this stage. it is a place where millions of north korean citizens have literally been starved by an intentional government policy over the last 10 to 15 years. it is a place that houses and has passed for well over a decade a series of quake concentration camps were are tortured, executed for crimes no more serious than listening to a foreign radio broadcasts, reading the bible for disrespecting a picture of the dear leader. it's really a chilling book and if it works that should be a must-read for anyone who cares about human rights or who cares about the political environment in the foreign-policy concerns that relate to north korea. as a general rule, u.s. north korea policy follows a very similar and repetitive pattern. there are provocations by the regime missile launches, underground nuclear tests with the occasional sinkings of the south korean vote. these are f
Nov 9, 2012 7:30am EST
to all its children. >>> it was warm and sunny today in tokyo, snow in our neighbor china, though. rachel ferguson has more with weather. rachel? >> certainly we are going to be see snow spreading across northeastern asia over the next couple days. a low here moving across into the beijing area and heading towards the northeast. north korea is going to be getting some of that snowfall. down towards the south, it is a rain event. that coming up through southern china in towards the east, through shanghai and from saturday evening, we're going to be seeing it coming into japan. pleasant day across much of japan on saturday as a low pulls away at the moment. however, we will see that rain coming in from the south and sunday is going to be a little unstable with showers and thunderstorms scattered throughout the country. temperaturewise not too bad, 18 on saturday. in tokyo, while we have 16 in seoul. temperatures will start to fall away from beijing. five degrees here and minus five up in ulan bator. let's head into the americas. out towards the northeast there has been some significant snow
Nov 4, 2012 10:00am PST
to be delivered to those in need. >>> china's second stealth fighter has made its maiden fight. chinese media reports say the jet took off on wednesday from the northeastern city, they are calling it a success. stealth planes are designed to evade radar detecting. chinese version is still under development. an expert says it will take seven to eight years before the jet is ready for battle. stealth number two got airborne just before this week's communist party congress. a final feather in the cap for president hu jintao has he prepares to step down. >>> angry demonstrators in eastern china. plans to expand a petrochemical plant brought these residents out on the streets. massing in front of the city hall, they said the plant emits harmful chemicals dangerous for the environment. police detained some of the protesters. the local government later backed down, announcing it had withdrawn the construction plans. analysts say local authorities were probably under pressure from beijing ahead of the national congress. >>> a pakistani girl shot by islamic militants last month is now able to talk wit
Nov 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
people recovering from the storm, which has battered the northeastern united states. a huge explosion kills at least 22 people in the saudi arabian capital, riyadh, after a fuel tanker crashes into a flyover. just one week from now, china's communist party will gather in beijing to appoint new leaders, a once-in-a-decade event. one of the most urgent tasks will be tackling the growing gap between rich and poor. despite china's rapid economic rise, more than 100 million people are still living below the poverty line. damien gramatica reports from one of the most impoverished states. >> in china's poorest province, deep in its rural heart, life still amples by. the economic boom in the cities and along the coast is happening far from here. nevertheless, today they're celebrated. this is a first child. there's a bank question, gifts, a refrigerator, a new bed. he could never afford these himself. the farmer and laborer has earned nothing this year. he's one of over 100 million chinese in its villages still living below the poverty line. >> it's not fair. i've been to the cities. they're
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)